Our Approach

Change is now a constant part of public and private sector financial management. Whilst striving to deliver ever greater value is understandable, the side effects are all too familiar: over-worked people, over-stretched processes and inadequate systems. This often can result in valuable time being spent fire fighting instead of enhancing the finance service offering.

We know our approach will help you overcome these challenges because it is backed by all our experience:

  • Small Steps. A programme made up of a series of relatively small steps delivers more sustainable improvement at better value than any “Big Bang” solution.
  • People first. Most financial management issues are solvable without the need for more complex technology. We believe in following the mantra of “People first then Process then Technology”.
  • More care. By demonstrating the depth of our care about your business and your people, we become an acceptable force of change.
  • Skills transfer. Our completely open approach to skills transfer adds value to all your staff that we work with.
  • Scaleability. Our scaleability allows us to implement solutions as rapidly as you need them. Acadent carries little overhead so almost all of what you spend goes to the deliverer of the work. Yet we can ramp up resources and extend the geographical spread with little notice.
  • Transparency. We work in an open fashion with your staff so you can assess progress. This gives you full control over expense.

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Public Sector

Department of Transport
Environment Agency
HM Customs & Excise
Hackney Borough Council

Private Sector

BAe Systems
National Grid Transco
ABB Group