Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

DECC was created in October 2008 by a Machinery of Government Change combining the Climate Change Group from Defra and the Energy Group from BERR into a new 3 billion per year Department. Our work included:

  • Provided first Chief Financial Officer (as defined by Managing Public Money), full member of the Management Board, Strategy Board, Strategic Design Board and various steering groups and programme boards.
  • Developed budgeting models and negotiated settlements with contributing departments and HM Treasury.
  • Implemented financial governance e.g. all ministerial submissions with financial implications signed off by the FD.
  • Agreed balanced detailed budgets for remainder of the CSR07 period with the Secretary of State, Ministers, Accounting Officer, Management Board, Directors and HM Treasury.
  • Published New (parliamentary) Estimate for 2008-09 and Main Estimate for 2009-10 with Select Committee Memoranda.
  • Created a single tier finance team for the whole Department from the inherited Group finance teams with no use of interims.
  • Managed 2008-9 pressures to a minor underspend.
  • Established finance, procurement and internal audit support services as a bought-in service from BERR, developing intelligent customer functions in DECC.
  • Published 2008-9 Resource Accounts (in a combined first Departmental Annual Report) before summer recess with an unqualified NAO opinion).
  • Moved to a single finance and procurement system as a bought-in service from BERR.
  • Advised the Accounting Officer on regularity, propriety and value for money challenges.
  • Liaised with the NAO on VFM audits and HM Treasury on the VFM Efficiency savings for CSR07 including the Operational Efficiency Programme. Liaised with HM Treasury on the Public Value Programme and Clear Line of Sight.
  • Close engagement with the governance of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, in partnership with the Shareholder Executive.

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