Acadentís record of delivering quality services to time, cost and quality demonstrates we are an effective, fast and flexible resourcing solution.

The benefits our clients receive are:

  • Understanding. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to understand your business and the assignments we take on.
  • Quality Assurance. Being owner-led, our reputation is all we have. All our assignments are monitored centrally at no extra cost. Each resource is also supported by our entire network of finance professionals. This provides assurance to you that we are delivering quality work.
  • Maximum control over results and costs. Because our work is transparent, you can assess progress, giving you full control over expense.
  • Peace of mind. We take care of the details, leaving you free to focus on more strategic issues.
  • Minimum input required from you. We have the expertise to break assignments into digestible stages. This saves start-up time and gets you to working solutions faster.
  • Flexible, tailored service. You decide what you want and when, and then we make it happen.
  • Value for money. All our services are delivered by qualified and experienced professionals who receive the vast majority of the fees you pay. This ensures loyalty and commitment to the assignment.
  • Promise control. We do not make promises we cannot keep.
  • Total commitment. To you as a client and to the business of solving your problems. Without you, we have no business.

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Public Sector

Department of Transport
Environment Agency
HM Customs & Excise
Hackney Borough Council

Private Sector

BAe Systems
National Grid Transco
ABB Group